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Questions tagged [gps]

Global Positioning System. Uses satellites to determine geographic location.

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1 answer

Store TinyGPS++ latitude value into a variable of type string or float

I want to get the GPS ordinates in degrees with 6 decimal accuracy. I can obtain this by creating a gps object with TinyGPS library. but In the TinyGPS example codes, its written Serial.println(gps....
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1 answer

Storing latitude and longitude floats as chars with specified precision

I am receiving lat and long data from a GPS and want to store these numbers in the middle of a sequence of chars. E.g. lat = -23.123456 long = 135.123456 I am after something like "Your coordinates ...
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3 votes
2 answers

NEO 6M GPS speed

I am doing a project using a NEO 6M GPS with my Arduino LilyPad. I programmed it already, and it's working well except of the speed. I get stuck on fixing this. I wonder why the value is never getting ...
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2 votes
3 answers

GSM and GPS module don't work together

I am trying to create a project which involves getting latitude and longitude via GPS Module and send it via GSM Module. My problem here is that individual code is working perfectly. However, if am to ...
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1 vote
3 answers

When GPS can't see satellites, how can I continue to tick off a smooth-ish time?

I'm getting 10 updates/sec from my GPS unit (The MTK3339 used in the Adafruit breakout board), and using it to update a clock display. This works well enough, though there's one minor problem that I'd ...
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1 vote
1 answer

GPRS SIM900 and GPS NEO-6M don't work together

I'm trying to get GPS coordinates and send them to my API through the GPRS SIM900 and GPS NEO-6M shields. In setup(), I first start the GPRS shield and call the function that connects to the internet....
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1 vote
1 answer

Arduino: Connect UNO to A7 AI Thinker

I just cannot connect or send AT command from my UNO to A7 AI Thinker module. This is the connection: UNO -> A7 TX -> RX RX -> TX USB || 5V -> External Power ...
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0 votes
1 answer

Arduino GPS Simulator: SoftwareSerial Issues

For my project, i need my Arduino Uno to simulate a GPS. To do this, I need to: Generate a 5V Pulse once a second (no problem) Send a $GPRMC NMEA sentence with the current time over RS-232 (i've got ...
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2 answers

Read a String from serial to debug the AT commands sent to my GPS shield

I want to extract an AT command's response (via serial port) to find out if the GPS shield is working as it should be. I used: if(Serial.available()>1){ String response =; ...
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1 answer

Sending GPS data through a WiFi module

I'm trying to send GPS data using a neo-6m GPS module through WiFi using esp8266 module, I have both of the modules working alone, but when I try using both the WiFi works but won't send the data from ...
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2 answers

What would be the code for using Arduino UNO to alert by sound or LED when it detects a certain position through GPS?

I am in grade 6. I have a very nice pet dog in my house but it often enters Mom's kitchen to spoil all the foods. So I am thinking of a device to attach with him which can locate its position. But I ...
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1 answer

How to find the correct navigation course by GPS navigation with Arduino?

I have an RC plane and I want to make it autonomous via GPS navigation usung an Arduino. I have an Arduino Mega 2560 onboard connected to a GPS Ublox-Neo-M8N (GPS module) and there is the problem. I ...
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