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NRF24L01 Communication

Good morning you all. I have just recently joined this site, after having problems on the Arduino Forum, with logging in. I'm doing a project with an rc car with Arduino Nano, and the NRF24L01 ...
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How should I decide the cut-off frequency for my low-pass filter?

I'm trying to generate some basic thumping stereo sound using Arduino's PWM pins along with low-pass filters. This is the frequency spectrum for the sound I want to play using Arduino UNO's PWM pins: ...
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When I start running the Brushless motors with MPU6050 in my quadrocopter, there is a sudden spike in the data of Gyro X-axis and Gyro Y-axis

I am using the MPU6050_light library for getting the data for my quad-copter. When I am obtaining the gyro values from the MPU6050 without running the motors, its giving correct values but on running ...