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Emulation is the process of using software to "fake" how a piece of hardware will act in certain circuits with different firmware on the chips.

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Can I program for Arduino without having a real board?

I would like to start the development of some basic Arduino projects but I don't own an Arduino board yet. Is there a way I can write my code and emulate/test it using a desktop computer so after my ...
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Is it possible to use extra AVR Flash memory as non-volatile EEPROM-like Flash memory storage?

In STM32 microcontrollers it is possible to use a technique that ST calls IAP, or In-Application Programming, in order to write to the Flash memory from your running application. They even have a nice ...
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Arduino analog joystick

I'm planning to make a handbrake for my racing simulator (Assetto Corsa) and I wanted to know how can I transform arduino into a joystick so the game can read the analog input? Thanks in advance, and ...
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