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Questions tagged [documentation]

Documentation is information on aspects of software or hardware, including its intended purpose, functionality, and maintenance. Documentation can exist in many different forms and formats, but its aim is always to educate.

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ESP32-C3 SPI Class documentation/features?

ESP32-C3 has a nice feature called GPIO Matrix which allows to map most of it's peripherals to any GPIO pin. And it has feature called IO_MUX which allows direct & faster operations for some of ...
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Connecting Arduino Wifi shield to Arduino Uno based Mcore board

I am trying to connect this mBot board to an external network, that's why I bought the arduino wifi shield. I am connecting the wifi shield to the 6pins (5V MOSI GND RST SCK MISO) of the mCore. ...
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Where is the documentation for the Emoro GLAM pro module?

My 11-year-old son recently brought out an Emoro robot he got for his birthday. We had some temporary confusion with the robot, but got it to work. He is now trying to connect to his computer via ...
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