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Questions tagged [documentation]

Documentation is information on aspects of software or hardware, including its intended purpose, functionality, and maintenance. Documentation can exist in many different forms and formats, but its aim is always to educate.

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1 answer

Please help me navigate the stepper motor object definition in the documentation

I am trying to use the stepper library and the stepper object is documented like this This function creates a new instance of the Stepper class that represents a particular stepper motor attached to ...
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1 vote
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Why are there no clear types given on the Arduino API docs? [closed]

For exmaple, I look at the page for digitalWrite and all I get is this for the signature: digitalWrite(pin, value) No return value type, no paramater type, nothing. Instead, in a seperate section it ...
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3 votes
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ESP32-C3 SPI Class documentation/features?

ESP32-C3 has a nice feature called GPIO Matrix which allows to map most of it's peripherals to any GPIO pin. And it has feature called IO_MUX which allows direct & faster operations for some of ...
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Arduino diagrams

I would like to document some of the experiments I have been doing with the arduino. In many of the internet posts on Arduino projects, they have a similar diagram of the Uno or Mega with breadboards ...
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4 answers

Where is all of the Arduino Documentation?

Aside from the main website, I have noticed that it is hard to find documentation for specific Arduino add-ons, such as (This is just one example):
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2 votes
1 answer

Where is the documentation for writing an Arduino core?

I'm interested in writing an "Arduino core" (i. e. porting Arduino to a new MCU and new board(s)). I'm having trouble finding much documentation on how to do so. Am I missing something? ...
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ESP32 documentaiont for "time.h"

I am working from the example sketch in that installed with the ESP32 Dev Module into the Arduino IDE. It includes <WiFi.h> and "time.h". I have a number of questions about how to use the ...
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1 vote
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Where is the documentation for the Emoro GLAM pro module?

My 11-year-old son recently brought out an Emoro robot he got for his birthday. We had some temporary confusion with the robot, but got it to work. He is now trying to connect to his computer via ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How to document a custom library in Arduino

I have created my own library and it is working flawlessly. Now I want to add some documentation to it that the Arduino IDE can understand. For the functions from the Arduino IDE itself like delay(ms)...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is there some better documentation somewhere for Arduino classes and API's?

For example, it looks like Serial extends HardwareSerial, which extends Stream, which extends Print. But I don't think you can figure this out by reading the reference documentation on https://www....
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3 votes
1 answer

What's the function of this transistor on Arduino Mega?

I am trying to get information about the transistor on the Arduino Mega board below: It says "340P" on the transistor. I want be able to know which model transition is this so that I can check its ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Is arduino a single board computer? [closed]

First excuse me if tags are not reflecting the content, While watching a video about single board computer (SBC) I got confused that it doesn't mention arduino as SBC. I always considered it as SBC. ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Can Arduino post multiple sensor data to one Google Spreadsheet?

Let's say I have one MQ5 gas sensor at home and one MQ135 gas sensor at the park. They are wirelessly hooked to Arduino. My questions are: Can Arduino post the data from two or more sensors to one ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Connecting Arduino Wifi shield to Arduino Uno based Mcore board

I am trying to connect this mBot board to an external network, that's why I bought the arduino wifi shield. I am connecting the wifi shield to the 6pins (5V MOSI GND RST SCK MISO) of the mCore. ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Where can I find a hardware manual (or documentation) for Arduino Uno & ATMega328P?

Where can I find a hardware manual (documentation or a book) for Arduino board? As far as I know, all hardware details are dispersed (or scatter) in different tutorials.
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Zeroing a Vernier force probe

For a class assignment I have been tasked with zeroing a Vernier force probe by typing a command into the serial monitor. I am having trouble writing the code for this algorithim. I was hoping to give ...
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2 answers

Quick start on Arduino for experienced embedded programmer?

I'd like catch up the Arduino concepts (programming & IDE). There are excellent online tutorials available for Arduino but all of them which I saw are made for those who didn't have embedded/...
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4 votes
4 answers

Suggestions for a program for drawing simple schematics

I'm wondering if there are free programs or web sites that let you draw simple schematics similar to this example:
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Sodaq Moja — Accessing SW2/SW3 user switches

I have a Sodaq Moja, from supporting the project on Kickstarter, and I didn't have much time until now to play with it. Unfortunately, the online documentation for the Moja has disappeared, and only ...
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