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Questions tagged [dmxsimple]

DMX controlled lights and visual effects are easily available from DJ or theatrical suppliers. This library gives you a simple way to drive spot lamps, floods, wall washers, lasers, smoke machines and more from a normal Arduino using DMX. If you can use analogWrite() to dim an LED, you will have no problems using DmxSimple to control something much bigger and brighter. DmxSimple is compatible with all known Arduinos including the Mega.

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Does DmxSerial stops interrupts?

I am trying to build a setup with an Arduino Mega, having a DMX output (using DMXSimple library), and a MIDI library (to be done). I was wondering, if I get into problems. According to This question, ...

Can I use an UART RS485 board with DMX simple library?

I want to use DMX512, and found a library DmxSimple, which uses a single (non UART) GPIO pin as output (see DmxSimple.wiki. I currently use a TTL RS485 board, which does not have any TVS/polyfused ...