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Questions tagged [dht22]

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Which temperature sensor is accurate?

I have an Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with two temperature sensors. A DHT22 is connected to D2 and pulled up with a 5 kΩ resistor to 5V, and a LSM6DSOX IMU is built in to the board. Here's my code: #...
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DHT11 sensor not working on ESP8266, no response

recently Ive set up an ESP8266 to control temperature and humidity in rooms, for this Im using DHT11 sensor, thats the basic code I have in order to check functionality in Arduino IDE #include "...
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Why do random characters fill up my Arduino LCD Display?

I am making a water pump system for plants and I am running into trouble with displaying my Temperature and Humidity values. I am using a 20x4 LCD, Arduino board uno, Capacitive soil moisture sensor, ...
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DHT22 sensor reading code interprets negative values weirdly

The following code reads the DHT22 temperature and humidity values, assuming the pin value as the sensor's host pin. When the temperature drops below 0°C, this code returns inadequate values in the ...
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Incorrect reading from DHT22 (on a Nano board)

I have rigged two different DHT22 sensors to an Arduino Nano board. Both temperature readings are more or less comparable but they produce very different humidity readings. The sensors are: Sensor No....
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