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Please help me with my project of water pump relay switching too fast

I have some problems with my project. I'm using a water level sensor with two outputs, a 5V fan and a water pump. Here's the wiring . What I want to do with this project is: When the water reaches 2 ...
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Functions delaying gesture sensor recognition

I am working on a simple little robot to cure my boredom and all it has is a 64 x 32 OLED for the eyes, and a PAJ7620 Gesture recognition sensor with a Seeeduino Xiao as the main board. Basically, ...
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Using Millis instead of delay to reboot relay

I want to reboot relay (turn off , waiting 4 seconds and turn ON) it works perfectly if I use delay(4000), but code is blocked while delay (4 seconds) and I cant start relay 2. How can I use Millis ...
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Tone() function pauses between notes

I tried to experiment with the tone() function that comes with the arduino library. I played around with the standard code example located here:
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Using 1 ms delay() in a for loop to check inputs.. Bad?

So first off, I know millis() exists. Just asking out of curiosity. Say you have a button you wanna check for during a delay.. Maybe a 10 second delay. So you make a for loop that checks for input and ...
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Question about using millis for alarm conditions - Arduino

I am new to programming in general and to Arduino as well. I am working on a small project to improve my ability to write complete and kind of useful programming sketches. I am facing a problem. I am ...
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How to input delay and increase volume measurements with hall sensor detection

I'm writing code so that, every time a hall monitor senses, my code additively measures 5 liters of volume as it prints each detection. Then, this data is sent via Bluetooth to a phone. (This is for a ...
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Random "Compilation error: Error: 13 INTERNAL: exit status 1". No clue how to resolve or even what causes this error

I am a beginner with Arduino. I have a program that is intentionally simple. The code refuses to compile, spitting out the error Compilation error: Error: 13 INTERNAL: exit status 1. I have gotten ...
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How to Independently run positional and continuous servos using millis()?

I am setting up 3 servos (2 position servos and 1 '360' continuous rotational servo) with Arduino. but I failed to run these independently. It runs one after another. I wish to run it in loop ...
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Is there a need to put a delay in the main loop

Im a complete beginner. Generally speaking, is there any need at all to have a delay in the main loop()? Im not used to writing infinite loops 😀 Is it correct to say that the delay() command is ...
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What does a delay(0) actually do?

I've seen some code where the developers add delay(0), it doesnt make sense, what does it do? Delay with zero milliseconds, why? bool DFRobotDFPlayerMini::waitAvailable(unsigned long duration){ ...
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