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ESP32 can not deep sleep longer than 35 minutes

I'm trying to get my Lilygo T5 4.7" epaper to deep sleep for 12 hours. But I only seem to be able to get about half an hour (2100s) of deepsleep on it. If I set the timer for longer, it just ...
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Save Circularbuffer in RTC memory of ESP32

I would like to save my Circular Buffer in the RTC memory of my ESP32 when I use deep sleep. So I have initialized it with RTC_DATA_ATTR but when I go into Deep Sleep I lose the data I've saved. Is ...
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D1 Mini + TFT & I2C Connector Shield not going into deepSleep

I'm trying to write a sketch to use a Wemos D1 mini connected to several shields including a LOLIN TFT & I2C Connector Shield (v1.1.0). This powers a small ePaper display (LOLIN 2.13" diagonal ...
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ESP8266 http.get() issue due to wifi authentication failure

Facing a weird issue while reading data from esp8266. I am trying to read dynamic data from a demo text file on test server on same network in deep sleep mode. Case1: Joining new network I am using ...
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Store value in EEPROM to perform different actions on reset?

I want the same button to wake up (reset) and put it to sleep but this is hard if the button is tied directly to the rst pin. My thought was to read and store a value in EEPROM so tell the chip what ...
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