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Scrolling function for existing Arduino menu using 16x2 LCD [closed]

I am creating a menu system for my project. I have successfully finished my code to configure up to 2 menu items on my 16x2 LCD I2C. I would like to extend it and add up to 5 menu items in the code ...
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Bootloader Burning Issue

I have a custom CCA that utilizes an ATMEGA328 but with an external clock of 1MHz that I originally burned the ADABOOT bootloader on using an Arduino Nano.  Everything worked as expected, only issue ...
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Where to go after Arduino?

I apologise in advance if this question is not right for this Stack or if it has been answered before but here goes. I have been learning C/C++ using the Arduino Uno and have gotten the hang of it now ...
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LCD write a line at bottom without lcd.setCursor and without deleting any char above already there?

lcd.cursor and lcd.noCursor won't work for what I want to use it for since it seemed to be "global" sort of speak and follow lcd.setCursor which I don't want it to but it is otherwise exactly what I ...
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Atmega32u4 issue

I made a custom ATmega32u4 board for my project. Components came from clone of Arduino Pro Micro (with bootloader and code which I uploaded) from AliExpress. I soldered everything in to my board ...
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Arduino UNO And SD Card Custom csPin

I've connected SD card module to Arduino UNO. I want to use PIN 10 for PWM DC motor control and because of that, I've connected CS pin directly to another pin (A3). SD card is working properly, but ...
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Adding a custom board to the Arduino IDE

I would like to know what is the procedure for adding a custom board to the Arduino IDE? My custom board is similar to the Arduino Zero. Instead of using the ATSAMD21G18, my board is based around the ...
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How to create custom bootloader with accompanying program loader for ATMega2560

Just for some context, I have created a custom board based on the ATMega2560. I currently have the original Arduino Bootloader for the ATMega2560 and have no problems uploading code via the USB Port ...
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Purposely create compile error to fail the upload [closed]

I would like to create a compile error so sketch does not upload in certain cases. I have written a library with a function that adds pins being used to an array. If the same pin is used twice I ...
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Reason for warning "avr:build doesn't define a 'build.board' preference" when build.board is explicitly set in boards.txt?

I am trying to set up a custom board under the Arduino IDE, but I can not figure out why I am getting the warning... Warning: Board Move38:avr:build doesn't define a 'build.board' preference. Auto-...
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Making MCUs Arduino Compatiable

I have recently just built a custom arduino using the schematics found on their website. As awesome as this little processor is, I need more power. I have been thinking of making my own MCU, but ...
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