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Use this tag for questions relating to a special class of servos which have continuous 360 degree motion both clockwise and anticlockwise.

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Ramping servo motor taking longer than calculated

I'm learning how to code a "BOE Shield bot" with a partner at my university (first year). To clarify for those that do not know: a BOE Shield bot is a small robot equipped with 2 servo ...
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Continous Rotation Servo not changing directions

I have coded a robot to be controlled by a ps3 Controller. I am using continous rotation servos but unfortunately I can not figure out how to get them to change direction. My input for my if ...
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Using pyFirmata with a 360° servo; how do I stop it?

I am testing out pyFirmata. I have a 360° servo, and know how to change its direction, but I dont't know how to stop it. What command, like servo.write(), would work to make it stop moving until ...
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Using Arduino to allow continuous servo to go in the opposite direction

For my project I am using 6 continuous servos connected to an Adafruit Servo Shield. To run them I use pwm.setPWM(0, 0, 1000) and then set a delay to run them for how long i’d like to, then run pwm....
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Continuous servo motor won't stop rotating

I want to use Bluetooth to control my continuous servo motor to rotate 360° once, and I used MIT app inventor for the UI to control it. My continuous servo motor won't stop rotating even though I ...
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I am trying to control a continuous servo (MG996R) with an RF remote but it's not working

I am trying to control a continuous servo (MG996R) with an RF remote, but it's not working; the servo just spins in one direction. I am new to Arduino so I don't really know if the code is correct. ...
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Continuous servo speed control with Arduino Uno controller and servo shield

It is very simple device, 2 continuous servos FS5113R, rotates continuously in one direction. Here is device original content, which is this servo shield it looks like russian, and here is library, I ...
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Servo motor (HSR-1425R) not running continuously

I'm trying to programme a servo motor to reach certain positions. I have a 360 degrees servo motor, so I can not use the Servo library and I can only control the speed. Therefore I want to regulate ...
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How to control continuous rotation servo via HC-12 rf module

I am working on a project to wirelessly control a continuous rotation servo...something like a wireless vending machine. The problem I am having is controlling how many revolutions the servo is ...
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How can I stop my Servo rotating?

I have a continuous servo motor connected to my Arduino UNO. I want it to react to the Hexadecimal code received by an Infrared remote. I want the motor to rotate once in one direction and then rotate ...
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Continuous Rotation

I was wondering how can I make a Servo rotate continuously by using an Arduino code. I looked through several forums and websites already, but all of them just show how to make it run by changing the ...
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A question about Continuous Rotation Servo and Arduino

We have this project that uses a Continuous Rotation Servo and we have a slight problem controlling it. We're planning to attach a Rack Gear to the Servo to slide a stainless steel to the right, and ...
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Continuous servo not setting speed correctly

I have two continuous servos connected to my Uno, and I'm running this code on it: leftServo.write(91); rightServo.write(102); delay(3000); leftServo.write(112); rightServo.write(81); delay(3000); ...
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Servo won't stop rotating

I have an Arduino Uno R3 board and after some time not in use it seems to have corrupted. My code is below, basically I want to rotate a servo 90 degrees every 12 hours but as soon as I plug it in the ...
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