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Mechanical part providing electrical contacts for a cable or electronic circuit board.

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Is it possible to have long wire connections from an NodeMCU to a servo motor or button?

For my proyect, I need to conect my NodeMCU to a servo motor as well as a push button, the thing is, the distance from the NodeMCU and both components has to have a distance of around 6.10 meters (or ...
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How to ssh via USB Ethernet adapter

For a few days now, I have been connecting to my board which is hooked up to my router through a clutter of wires, over Wi-Fi. To spare my family from the risk of tripping, or hogging the extension ...
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Better way for connecting to Arduino pins to a sensor than jumper cable

Well I have an dht21 and arduino mega. Dht21 leads look like this If I use jumper cable and soldering dht21 leads with jumper cable than plug-in my arduino's socket. it looks like this below image. ...
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Arduino voltage connection pins

On the Arduino power connector jack, which is the positive terminal pin and the negative pin?
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First time using Kuman 3.5" TFT screen model SC3A-NEW-UK with Arduino

I bought online this LCD Touchscreen Kuman SC3A-NEW-UK. It uses ILI9486 drivers, but it didn't include any instructions manual, and seems to be devoid of complete technical documentation ...
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Connecting 2-pin JST PH connector to Arduino Mega

I’m want to connect 50 LDR to my Mega, I wondering if I use a 2-female pin JST PH connector to connect the LDR, how can I link 2-pin male JST PH connector board to the Mega and does this board exist?
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