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chipKIT is a family of boards and associated Arduino IDE core based around the Microchip PIC32 microcontrollers. They range from the low-end 40MHz PIC32MX1xx/2xx series right up to the powerful 200MHz PIC32MZ chips.

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Super fast UART transimission return error

The code was based on Fahad Mirza's very helpful example here Send structure through Serial The Sender's code now became struct Gyro_data_structure { char command_name[5]; float gyro_X; float ...
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Runtime Error when using array of structs of unknown size as variable within class - some kind of overflow issue?

I have a class defined as below, it's basically a simple ring buffer, with some methods for getting useful statistics from the data held in the buffer. enum BalanceMsgType{ BAL_MSG_NOT = 0, ...
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Using chipKIT WiFi Shield with an Arduino

I'm beginning with Arduino and I have to make two of them communicate via WiFi. I'm going to implement the examples for a WiFi Client and WiFi Server in their tutorials page. The problem is I only ...
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Serial structure data transfer between an Arduino and a Linux PC

I use the Arduino compatible chipKIT WF32 board. I want to transfer structure data between my board and a Linux PC. Can I do it like the following? struct data d; char *tx = (char*)d; Serial.print(tx)...
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