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Questions tagged [charging]

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ESP-WROOM-02 with on-board 18650 battery. How to charge it?

I have a ESP-WROOM-02 module with on-board 18650 battery. V+ and GND are exposed on the board. Can I directly charge the battery using an USB-C connector with the two cables (red and black) directly ...
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Determine if a XIAO ESP32C3 is charging

When the XIAO ESP32C3 is charging a LiPo battery, there is a small LED on the board that lights up. Is there any way to access this information in an Arduino program?
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Arduino + Solar Charger Shield V2.2: Battery and Solar panels selection [closed]

first of all I would like to apologize for the, probably very basic and stupid questions for you, but I'm not an electronic expert.. I'm implementing my project using an Arduino Mega 2560 (I need more ...
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How do powering arduino both barrel jack and lipo battery together?

I have arduino mega and Lipo batterry such this and Lipo battery charger 5V USB Boost. I am powering arduino normally from barrel Jack with an 9 Volt adaptor. But if there is power cut occur, I dont ...
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Does Adafruit PowerBoost 1000 Charger support data transfer?

As the title says - Does Adafruit PowerBoost 1000 Charger support data transfer? I mean that if I connect USB on one side to PC and Arduino on other side - can I still program it and get serial ...
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how can i conect a lipo charger to a teensy 4.0?

I have the battery charger product and a teensy 4.0, that I would like to use to power it. what, if any pin would I connect from bat, to the teensy? Its my ...
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How do you write to a specific register using I2C communcation?

I am trying to write to a charging IC (BQ24193) and I am trying to figure out how to use I2C to write to a specific register so I can set up the charging IC properly. I have watched a few videos on ...
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Battery charger board with status interface

There are of course a lot of different battery charging boards, which can be used with the Arduino, most being TP4056 based. There are also a few battery charged boards with an on-board display ...
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Can a Lithium Polymer battery charging circuit on Arduino boards also charge Lithium Lion batteries? [closed]

I have a project that the form factor of 18650 batteries works well for. The board I'm using is a esp32 based board with built in battery charging:
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Smart way to map digital pins to a for loop over analogue pins

First post here and I have very little Arduino/c programming knowledge so forgive me my ignorance. I am processing 18650 cells for a little powerwall project. I am using an Arduino pro mini ...
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3 answers

Can you charge and use a Li-po battery at the same time?

I have a system that uses an Arduino Uno board as a "brain". All the elements in the system are powered by a single Li-po battery (3-cell, 11.1 V, 1800 mAh). I made a circuit so the Arduino ...
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How to use to two different programs into one stkech

I am currently using relay module, but I am facing a problem that, when Arduino pins are LOW then all relay are going HIGH, so I want to use this code so that when arduino starts all pins are getting ...
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What boards have integrated USB charging?

I've been building wearables, using the adafruit trinket, which I love, its small size is easy to tuck away. But I hate having to unplug the battery to charge it every time. I wired in a SPDT switch, ...
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