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Questions tagged [c-string]

A "C string" is an array of characters that ends with a 0 (null character) byte. The array, not any pointer, is the string.

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12 votes
6 answers

Using String instead of C string, yet another attempt to touch a loaded issue

I've been reading a lot over the years why we should not use the notorious String class and how heap fragmentation is bad practice and not professional and we should never use it in our programs or we'...
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3 answers

How to replace String objects with char arrays while still using string methods

I am running the following code on my ESP8266 (AI-Thinker ESP8266MOD). I send an HTTP GET request and a pin is set to high for a 1/2 second. However, after some time (sometimes 1hr, 2hrs, 12hrs, ...
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