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Looking for a very simple board

I’ve worked with esp8266/esp32 boards in the past and they were great. But now I have a very simple project where both of these are way too powerful. I want to read one analog input over USB per COM. ...
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Different meanings of pid and vid in boards.txt

Let's see the leonardo section in boards.txt: Leonardo leonardo.vid.0=0x2341 leonardo.vid.1=0x2341 leonardo.vid.2=0x2A03
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Where are the programatic definitions for different processors stored?

I need to modify an existing library that relies on being able to detrmine what board / processor the code is being run on. To do this, it uses definitions such as this for an Arduino Mega: // Arduino ...
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Where is the documentation for writing an Arduino core?

I'm interested in writing an "Arduino core" (i. e. porting Arduino to a new MCU and new board(s)). I'm having trouble finding much documentation on how to do so. Am I missing something? ...
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HobbyTronics UNO PRO Board Definition does not work in newer IDE versions

I have a HobbyTronics UNO PRO that replaces the UNO's 328P in DIP with an ATMega1284 on an adapter board: I cannot link to the original page since it does not exist anymore. But, it is available ...
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problems with Blue Pill (stm32f103c8t6) direct register manipulation

I'm trying to access registers but I keep getting the "was not declared in this scope" error message. I'm currently using the STM32F1xx boards from
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I have a question,an error occured in my code saying TIMSK was not declared in the scope(There are no errors)

#include <SmartInventor.h> void setup() { SmartInventor.DCMotorUse(); } void loop() { // M1, M2, M3 // CW, CCW, STOP // 0-100 // 0-360 SmartInventor.DCMotor(M1, CW, 10); delay(...
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Which board has the highest max current via 3.3v pin?

Is there any arduino board which can deliver 600-800ma via 3.3v pin? Maybe the Arduino due or the nano 33 ble?
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What type of Arduino is this?

I found a bunch of Arduinos (seemingly), but I can't identify the type. I first thought of a Micro, but the chip is a MEGA328PAU and the Micro should have a MEGA32U4 instead: I know it's also not a ...