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Touch Board from Bare Conductive not uploading arduino code example

I have an issue with this example when trying to upload it. Also, there was an issue when compiling it, however, the ...
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2 answers

Adafruit motorshield v2.3 not working

I want to connect my adafruit motor shield v2.3 to a touch board from bare conductive so that the motor turns when one of the electrodes is touched. I've tested the touch part and that isn't a ...
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1 answer

Sense distance with Bare Conductive's Touch Board

How can I sense distance with Bare Conductive's Touch Board, like they suggest in their product video? I know how I can set the touch and release thresholds, so my Touch Board is more sensitive and ...
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1 answer

Arduino Leonardo Upload issue with ubuntu 14.04

I got a bare conductive board ( which is based on arduino leonardo ) . I was trying to upload a blink sketch using arduion 1.5.7. But its always failing and here is the log. I never work a leonardo ...
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