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Questions tagged [arduino-uno-wifi-dev-ed]

Arduino Uno WiFi Developer Edition is a retired 'Made in Italy' board developed and produced by

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3 votes
1 answer

How to send HTTP request to specific port using Ciao?

I currently have a working REST client on my arduino, but the requests always go to port 80, how do I make it send the request to a specific port? This is my current code: /* File: RestClient.ino ...
4 votes
1 answer

Arduino Uno WiFi - How to disable WiFi?

I'm using Arduino Uno Wifi. I made my Arduino to get connected with my local network based on Now I would like to ...
2 votes
3 answers

Connecting Arduino Uno WiFi Developer Edition to the Internet

I recently bought an Arduino Uno WiFi Developer Edition from here. Although all the other functionality appears to work (I’m able to upload/run programs, read sensors I plug in, etc.), I am not able ...
1 vote
0 answers

Uno WiFi Dev Ed - Example Sketch with UnoWiFiDevEdSerial1.h library by Juraj errors on compile

Example sketch does not compile, error message 'static void WiFiClass::init()' is private within this context IDE 1.8.13 Board Uno WiFi Dev Ed. I have been using this board for several years uploading ...
-1 votes
1 answer

Using ESP8266-01 via Arduino(no flash) without AT commands(using serial monitor)

I'm trying to build a smart Keychain using Arduino uno wifi(org, so Im using it like it's Arduino uno), ESP8266-01 And neo6m GPS device. My esp8266 wasn't new, and it came without AT firmware. I ...
1 vote
0 answers

ARDUINO UNO WIFI R3 (Dev Edition) Send simple http get request

I need send http request to my own server from arduino uno. First of all I connected the board through web client configurator. I tried different codes, the last one is: /* File: RestClient....
0 votes
2 answers

How to create TCP server on Arduino UNO WiFi?

I'm currently trying to make my Arduino UNO WiFi work as a TCP host, so I can send him a TCP message and it sends a response. I had no problem doing this on the Arduino Galileo Gen 2 using the ...