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How to Connect Two CQRobot Ocean Non-Contact Water/Liquid Level Sensors (CQRSENYW001) to Arduino UNO REV3 (A000066)?

I am a complete beginner trying my hand at a home automation project. Part of my setup includes using an Arduino UNO REV3 (A000066), and connecting two CQRobot Ocean Non-Contact Water/Liquid Level ...
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Atmega 328pu on breadboard. What to choose in order to upload code with ftdi converter

When I program atmega328 PU on breadboard,vwhat programmer do I have to use and what arduino board type I have to choose? I am trying this with ftdi converter I have already done the connections and ...
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boards.txt - how to create sub-menu (NOT new board!!!)

Arduino 1.8.19 Is it possible to create a sub-menu inside boards.txt that would allow having the boards grouped for example by the manufacturer? If it is possible, please provide an example or at ...
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how to config the Arduino ADC'S input on A0 instead of use default?

I am try to build this AC-DC meter, the code original used default A3 as input, how can change the input on A0? the link: ...
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Initialising timer interrupt crashes Mega 2560

Below is the entirety of my prototype code, the cycling of pin 13 is what I use to confirm the board is restarting. The board resets continually on this implementation of initialising the interrupt. ...
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Arduino MKR GSM 1400 fails to start up without Serial Monitor [duplicate]

This question is similar to another question, but I have added more details. See: MKR GSM 1400 Works only when connected to computer. I have designed and built a custom board into which I plug an ...
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what is causing my esp8266 setup function to reinitialise?

Here is code I have written: #include <stdio.h> #include <ESP8266WebServer.h> #define MAX_WIFI_INIT_RETRY 50 #define WIFI_RETRY_DELAY 500 const char* wifi_ssid = "ssid"; const char* ...
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Why calling digitaWrite(pinNum,HIGH) before setup() not working? [duplicate]

I am writing a library to operate a linear actuator, let's call the library ActuatorV2. It is composed of two files, a .h and and .cpp files. To create an object, I instantiate the object as follows ...
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Hook Arduino up with thermal printer and power both externally

Disclaimer: I have no connection to adafruit. A friend and me want to build a little project. We want to connect an arduino to a thermal printer and then print out little fortune-cookie like messages,...
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Multiple .ino files in the same sketch

Yeah yeah, I know people ask this type of thing a lot, but I couldn't find an answer anywhere. I understand that you can have multiple .ino files in one sketch, but I don't just want functions and ...
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Rescuing an Arduino With a Broken Setup()

I may have bricked my Arduino Pro Micro by writing a broken code into the setup() function. When I plug my Pro Micro into my PC, I see it register a COM port for a brief moment before it disappears. ...
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I need help setting up my Arduino Uno with the port [duplicate]

I'm using a Windows computer, and if I recall correctly I installed the IDE using the installer, so I probably don't need to manually install the drivers. However, I can't figure out how to set up the ...
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How can I use delimiter/split serial input in a loop function? [closed]

How can I use delimiter/split serial input in a loop function? I want to use each word from the input and check a database, to check availability. #include SoftwareSerial.h> #define ...
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Generating random pattern on startup

I'm trying to get an arduino to generate a random pattern in a neopixel grid every time you restart it. But I only get the same number sequence generated each time. What I'm doing wrong? Here's the ...
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Arduino as switch for external circuit

I am trying to use the Arduino as a switch for an external circuit. I first thought about using a shift register, but this wont allow me to switch the external circuit. Here is a little sketch of ...
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How to handle an error in setup()

What is the "proper" way to handle an error during setup on an Arduino -- for example some attached component is missing or returning an error code or invalid response? The setup() function returns ...
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