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For the questions that related to the Arduino Nano Every, which uses at ATMega4809 microcontroller. The Nano Every is distinct from the plain Arduino Nano (which uses the ATMega328P or ATMega168P microcontroller).

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Whats the MPPZ 3610 on Arduino nano every [closed]

I'm curious what's the MPPZ chip on my Arduino nano everu
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Arduino Nano Every USB Connection not working

I have two original (designed and assembled in Italy) Arduino Nano Every Boards from a German Web Shop. They came sealed in original packaging. When I try to connect them to my PC, they don't power up....
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Make encoder work together with OLED display in Arduino Nano Every

I tried to sketch code to make an encoder to generate a number by each step and show it on OLED display. The OLED will connect with I2C, working on in Arduino Nano Every ATmega4809. I separately made ...
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16 bit PWM on Nano Every

I need to drive a LED strip via MOSFET module. The module needs a high resolution PWM for very dim conditions. How can I set my pin to a 16 bit PWM resolution on an Arduino Nano Every?
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TMRpcm not compatible incompatible with current board

My goal is to play sounds with my Arduino Nano Every. I tried the example sketch that comes with the library but I get the error: **WARNING: library TMRpcm-master claims to run on avr architecture(s) ...
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Is my nrf24l01 radio module broken?

I was trying to use two Arduino Nano connected to two RF24 modules to build a remote control boat. I self-assembled both the remote and the receiver circuit following the skematic suggested in that ...
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Can you coax another I²C connection out of an Arduino Nano Every?

I'm looking to network a bunch of devices (boards in a Eurorack case) over I²C, but I don't want to compromise the address space available to each individual device for its own needs. The obvious ...
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RFM9x LoRa Radio code will compile with Uno but not Nano Every

I have code involving the use of an Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout v3 and an Adafruit RFM95W LoRa Radio that will compile with an Uno Rev3 but not with a Nano Every. The code I'm using comes almost ...
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Bootloader For Atmega4809

I have designed a project using Arduino Every board which uses MCU Atmega4809 chip and I have used Arduino IDE for programming but now I am planning to design my custom board I have used schematics of ...
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CapacitiveSensor Library example works with great with UNO but not with Nano Every?

The CapacitiveSense library is the key to my project. A custom art touch lamp. Arduino CapacitiveSensor Library It works great with the Arduino UNO but the Nano Every has vastly different performance ...
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3th time blown à Nano every

Like subject all ready telling you, I blew up my 3th Nano every. I mounted them on a perf board, soldered with 99% tin 1.0mm and a Flux, cleaned with flux remover, etc... When I then power them up ...
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Where is the Arduino IDE boards.txt file for Nano Every located?

My Arduino Nano Every runs at 16Mhz (but the 4809 can support internal 20Mhz). I know it may be possible to alter the boards.txt file and set it to build for 20Mhz. However, I can't find the boards....
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NRF24 and Arduino Nano Every usage

Im building an RC car project and using 2 NRF24's for communication. I own an Arduino Uno, Nano and Nano Every. The NRF's work great with the Uno and Nano in any combinations but using a Nano Every ...
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Arduino Nano Every: get board name in the code

I would like to identify the target where I'm downloading my Arduino code. Following this example: How to get board type I'm able to recognize for example Arduino Mini, etc.. but Arduino Every, quite ...
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