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Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 memory management

according to the official documentation of the Arduino, the SRAM memory (which is allocated for the local variables) should be automatically released after calling any function. For example, I have a ...
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Why is the watchdog biting to quickly?

currently trying to implement a watchdog into my project. I am using the WDTZero library for controlling the watchdog on my MKR NB 1500. The program is trying to measure data, send it to a server, go ...
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Why is this buffer not being sent to the server?

I'm loading a buffer with different data recorded by sensors and sending them to a server. But I also wanted to log when the data was sent on the client side, so I formatted the time of my RTC clock ...
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Problem to store values from Arduino MKR 1010 to mysql?

I have problem to store values to MySQL table from Arduino MKR 1010 Wifi. I get the following message. trying got: 0 retrying trying got: 0 retrying ERROR! I have also tried to turn off firewall ...
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Voltage drop when power from AA batteries

I am using a Arduino MKR 1010 Wifi board to control 4 servo (PS-1109MG). All the circuit is powered by 4 AA rechargeable batteries (1.2V * 4). Arduino is powered through the Vin port. Below is a ...
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