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Questions tagged [arduino-mini]

A small microcontroller board based on the ATmega168 or ATmega328 chip. Use this tag for questions specifically regarding the Mini, and not just general Arduino usage.

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Read from the SD card - ACMD41 times out

I'm trying to read from the SD card using an Arduino Pro Mini (3.3 V), Pololu micro-SD reader (the 3.3V one) over a SPI protocol. I've tried both the SD library from Arduino SDK, and the Adafruit one....
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IR sensor not detecting light or dark sufaces

I wrote code for the vibrating motors to vibrate when an IR sensor detects a darker surface. I have 4 vibration motors for corresponding 4 IR sensors. My program is not able to read the values from ...
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Why the serial connection only work when Tx and Rx are shorted?

I have a Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V connected to a sim800l chip using a serial connection of 9600bps. When I connect the Arduino to the device, it seems I don't receive anything on the Arduino Rx pin. I ...
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Feedback Request: HID USB to Bluetooth Relay

Bluetooth Relay Project: Develop a USB to bluetooth adapter for my mechanical keyboard. Using a USB host shield, have an Arduino Pro Mini read keyboard usb commands and repeat them over bluetooth. ...
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Windows Driver for Arduino error code 22

I'm trying to use avrdude to load an Arduino program with the console, but I have a Windows 7 x86 Professional with Service Pack 1 (old PC). When I install the Arduino driver that comes with the IDE ...
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Arduino Mini and USB2Serial not uploading sketch

I am trying to upload my sketch to an Arduino Mini Pro. My programmer is the Arduino USB2Serial. I am running the Windows store app on a Windows 10 machine. I wired everything up according to the ...
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MAX485 communication between multiple Arduinos

I purchased multiple Arduino Mini Pros and MAX485 TTL boards and now I'm trying to make them communicate together, but the problem is that I need that everyone can send and receive when needed. I ...
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Battery depleting on second prototype

I am working on a project which uses two 18650 3400ma batteries to power some sensors, an Arduino Mini Pro, an 433mhz RF transmitter and an ESP8266-01. Most of the time the Arduino is in sleep mode ...
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