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Questions tagged [arduino-mini]

A small microcontroller board based on the ATmega168 or ATmega328 chip. Use this tag for questions specifically regarding the Mini, and not just general Arduino usage.

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17 votes
1 answer

How do interrupts work on the Arduino Uno and similar boards?

Please explain how interrupts work on the Arduino Uno and related boards using the ATmega328P processor. Boards such as the: Uno Mini Nano Pro Mini Lilypad In particular please discuss: What to use ...
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2 answers

I can't get code transferred to my Arduino Mini Pro

About 3 years ago Sparkfun had a sale on Arduino Minis, so I bought 6 of them (3 x 3.3 V @ 16 MHz and 3 x 5 V @16 MHz). I used two of them for separate projects (everything worked flawlessly) then ...
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How to use setModemRegisters in RF24

The below picture is the introduction of setModemRegisters . First: What is the mean of ModemConfig* config? I mean: how to write the parameter. Maybe just give a example, and it will be better if it'...
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How to know which Arduino to choose: Nano, Micro or Pro Micro?

I'm puzzled at the moment with which one to choose. Form-factor plays a significant role in my project, so I prefer the smaller boards mentioned in the title to fuller boards like the UNO, MEGA, etc. ...
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How to troubleshoot the Arduino Mini and Arduino usb2serial?

I am trying to get an Arduino Mini (R5, mega 328p) working. Just connecting it to power has following effect: the on-board LED lights up. It's the power-on-led, I presume. Since other Arduino ...
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