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Questions tagged [analogreadresolution]

analogReadResolution() is an extension of the Analog API for the Arduino Due and Zero.

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micros() resolution for Portenta H7

Is there any way to know the resolution of micros() for the Arduino Portenta H7. I have checked for other boards e.g. Nano which is mentioned as 4 uS. However, I couldn't find one for Portenta H7. Is ...
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Lowest voltage applicable on AREF pin on Uno and Mega

I need to measure an Analog signal in the range of 5-30 mV. Naturally, using the internal default 5V reference leads to very poor measurement resolution. I would like to use the capability to use an ...
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2 votes
1 answer

The analog read is not giving the correct waveform as that of an oscilloscope

I have code that fetches analog input values from terminals A0, A1 and A2 of an Arduino Mega 2560. When I plot the data, it does not give the desired waveform. The desired waveform is also measured ...
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Can i supply the AREF pin with an Analog pin from the same board?

I guess its a dumb question but couldnt find anything about it online. I know its possible to supply the AREF pin with 3.3 V to increase the ADC resolution. For the project i am working on the ...
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Reading 4-20ma signal on arduino

I want to read a 4-20 mA analog signal from a 24V flowmeter. I've read the simplest way is to convert it into 1-5V signal using a 250 ohm resistor. The thing is I want my reading to be precise so my ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How would I go about measuring an analog signal on my arduino mega that has both positive and negative voltages

I have a signal that fluctuates between -70mV and 50mV. How would I get the arduino to read this.. Ultimately I am trying to graph the data in real time so it looks like this.
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Connect k-type termocouple using o-amp

first of all I have to say that this is my first Arduino thing. I'm trying to connect a k-type termocouple to my Arduino using an LM2904 Oamp, Yes I know that this is not the best solution but is the ...
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4 answers

How can I seriously calibrate ADC voltage readings with Arduino Nano?

I have been using Arduino Nano Analog input to measure voltages, in the range between 22-30 Volts. I want to measure it down to a tenth of a volt. Following the instructions found here: Read ...
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Arduino vs 12bit ADC

12bit ADC will give us about 1.2mV per step: 5 / 4096 = 0.00122 But if we give Arduino a 1.2V voltage reference we get 1.1mV per step: 1.2 / 1024 = 0.00117 Does that means Arduino can be more ...
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2 answers

Cheapest and easiest Arduino board for 12 bit ADC, thinking of M0

I need an Arduino board for simple ADC, but 10 bits of resolution is sadly not enough. I am going to buy a board with 12 bits of resolution, but really couldnt decide on the exact model. It needs to ...
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1 answer

How to interpret analog values sent to Arduino from line scanner?

So I have a line scan camera attached to my Arduino Mega and I'm trying to send it a digital clock impulse and get an analog output back. The line scan camera is supposed to return 128 pixels. So far ...
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Can I use analogReadResolution() on an Uno or Leonardo?

I am trying to get a spectrum analyser up and running. I found the following code on Galileo GEN2 Project - Real-Time Audio Spectrum Analyzer1: /* * * Galileo GEN2 Project - Real-Time Audio ...
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