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Arduino constant clock output

I am controlling an ADC with my Arduino Uno. I would like the clock of the ADC to be the same frequency of the Arduino. Is there any way that I can have a constant clock output from one of the Arduino ...
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How to keep accurate millis() while using ADC_sleep mode?

millis() uses timer0 (linked to CPU clock) to count time, but ADC_sleep mode stops the CPU clock, therefore millis() will drift (lag behind) after each ADC conversion performed in ADC_sleep mode. ...
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ESP8266: system_adc_read_fast() always give 1024 as output

I need to use system_adc_read_fast (uint16 *adc_addr, uint16 adc_num, uint8 adc_clk_div) to get a sampling rate close to 100ksps. And I am able to achieve that using adc_clk_div = 32. However, when I ...
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what is arduino adc reference?

I'm using arduino for the first time and don't really understand what am I suppose to plug to the ADC refernce PIN... or if I even have to use it while plugging analog sensor to the arduino, thanks!
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Arduino Due: Interrupt-based ADC hangs processing

I am trying to build an oscilloscope using an Arduino Due and an LCD. I have the LCD running perfectly and started working on using the ADC peripheral to sample signals. Here's what I have so far: #...
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Can I connect a voltage, higher that the 1.1V bandgap voltage, to an ADC pin

Can I (attempt to) measure a voltage that is higher that the ADCs Vref, without damaging my IC? I'm trying to measure the battery voltage using a resistive divider, and using the internal 1.1V ...
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Arduino 10bit ADC is not accurate?

I'm reading the voltage with voltage divider: simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab | Arduino is connected to both USB and a 9V adapter. float r1 = 100000; float r2 = ...
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Avoid 1-LSB noise on ADC readings

I have a potentiometer connected to an ADC input of an Arduino Leonardo. The ADC resolution is 10-bit (0..1024), while I need just 7-bit (0..127). I use a simple filter to reduce the noise and then a ...
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Measure Vcc using 1.1V bandgap

For an battery driven application I want to measure the Vcc (using an Atmega 32u4). That is my code: int readBandGap() { ADMUX = (B01 << REFS0) // VCC | (0 << ADLAR) // ...
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Expanding analog inputs to the Arduino

I need the Arduino to read about 100 analog inputs. Is this even doable? If not what is the maximum analog inputs I can read into the Arduino (The maximum non trivially would be to use the analog pins ...
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Hi-speed external ADC

I would like to detect signals in nanosecond scale. For that, an ADC with at least 500 MSPS is required. My question is if its possible to use an external ADC with 500 MSPS with a 16MHz Arduino Mega? ...
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Arduino Due: ADC gain adjustment problem

I want to increase gain of the ADC channel. To achieve this I'm using adc_set_channel_input_gain function from adc.h. Here is the entire sketch: const byte aPin = A6; void setup() { ...
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