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Questions tagged [adapter]

A device for connecting pieces of equipment that cannot be connected directly.

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Separate control unit from LEDs

I am using an adapter (12 VDC, 2A) and I want to be able to power an LED strip with it plus the control circuit. The problem is that the Atmega328 reboots, but when I only power up the LED strip with ...
3 votes
2 answers

Connecting an Arduino to a servo with an external power supply

I have purchased an MG995 servo (4.8-7.2V operating voltage, 170MA no load operating current draw) and will power this using a 5V, 2A mains plug pack. Do I need a breadboard to connect this with my ...
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0 answers

Do these types of wires exist? [closed]

I was wondering if the following type of wire adapter existed. Because I have some small JST pins and I need to connect them to some JST XH pins. (Preferably on amazon): JST to JST XH adapter
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0 answers

Power up Arduino using AC/DC Adapter

Wanna get your advice regarding powering up Arduino Uno using AC/DC Adapter to the barrel jack. The first adapter I use couldn't work and the shop which I bought it from said the adapter was short ...
0 votes
1 answer

HC-05 with ELM327 mini OBD2 Bluetooth adapter connection problem

I am using Arduino Uno and HC05 Zs-040 Bluetooth module to establish a connection with ELM327 mini OBDII Bluetooth adaptor. I have tried more than 15 different sequences of AT commands and most of ...
2 votes
3 answers

ESP-01 adapter and logic level converter

I read that I'll need a logic level converter like this to run an ESP8266-01 from the Uno. But I saw this ESP adapter:
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1 answer

Powering leds from arduino with adapter

Sorry for having (again) a beginners question, but I was wondering something. If I would want to drive like 20-30 LEDs from an Arduino (Uno), and I want to use an external adapter (12V, 1A), going ...