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How to read from and write to rs232 device from/to Arduino

I would like to read data from a rs232 device (SL-5868P Sound Level Meter). protocol and more : I already have a Python script to read the data with a TTL to ...
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Best way to send I2C commands between Arduino and ESP32

I made a board with an Arduino nano and a ESP32 Dev kit. I connected them via I2C with voltage adaptation. I'm using arduino IDE and the related library Wire.h. I send messages as ascii chars or ...
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How to make an arduino button to forget his past purpose?

For my school project im making an arduino speedometer for a bicycle. I will be using a reed switch sensor to get the speed. There will also be an clock and a termometer, it will be on a 16x2 lcd ...
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Access Control System with an 4x3 Keypad & RFID-RC522

hey guys I have a access control system working perfect with rfid and keypad. I would like to implement : If the PIN is entered more than 3 times incorrectly the card is disabled. someone could give ...
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interrupt from a button and wait until serial port 1 has a message

I'm a little bit loss because I'm learning how to use the interruptions on Arduino. I'm creating a program to read an RFID code that arrives if an RFID transmitter is close to the antenna (a little ...
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what to write instead of delay() in interrupt function?

I was trying to develop a traffic light signal controller . when the button is pressed, the pedestrian green light will turn on faster than before . I used delay() in Interrupt function, But it is not ...
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light leds from an array

I have the project to build a robot for my school. It will record button pushes then move according to this record. Before usig motors, i'm trying to do this using leds. Thanks from posts from this ...
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Serial communication with HC-05 - Arduino UNO

I am new to the site and this is my first question. I'm going to try to describe my issue the best I can. I got the following code for my project, which consists basically of getting a car to have 2 ...
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How do I repeat else if (cmd == '3') until I press another cmd?

This code is for automatically opening and closing a window using a motor with senors such as dust, humidity, temperature, and rain sensor with bluetooth module through phone. With this code if I ...
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I need help with my final year project

I am building a project using bluetooth control as well as an ir sensor. The logic behind my program is when I press a key I want my robot to execute a series of program and while the program is ...
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Can't get input from 4x4 keyboard

I'd like to make some basic calculator. Currently, I'm struggling with inputs. I wanted to get from user some numerical input, then, I'd like to have an information, which type of calculation he is ...
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multiple working modes for motors

with this sketch i can independently control 4 dc motors cw, ccw, and rotating each of them until the hall sensor related to it detects an magnetic field. what im trying to do now is to create a mode ...
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