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Arduino Mega 2560 interrupt pins and port mapping with rotary encoder

I am trying to use port manipulation in interrupts to read a rotary encoder. I found code for a Uno, so the port call for pins 2 and 3 are different. I think on the Mega they are PORTH3 and PORTH4 ...
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Arduino read PWM duty cycle value with input (analog / digital)

I am working on comparing autopilots like Ardupilot, CC3D, KK2.1.5. The comparision is about system reactions/behaviors that it gives during flight. For this purpose, I need to read the PWM duty cycle ...
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Arduino documentation on PCIFR and PINC

I was reading this thread: Read RC receiver channels using Interrupt instead of PulseIn and I have been trying to understand the code provided within. While I was able to udnerstand most of it, I ...
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How to read RC receiver channels without using pulsein() command with arduino

I am building a quad-copter, the problem is of stability and for better stability lesser sampling time is required. For lesser sampling time I need to have faster loop() function. But the Pulsein() ...
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Can external interrupts be OR'd together on the '328 (Uno)?

I'm thinking about how to handle a rotary encoder. I'm planning on using interrupts and would like to use both the 'A' and 'B' phase transitions to generate interrupts. I'm wondering if there is any ...
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Rotary Encoder problem with LCD Display

Program reads rotary encoder correctly without bouncing in this code: int val = 0; byte clkPin = 3; byte dtPin = 2; bool lastClk; bool lastDt; void setup() { pinMode(clkPin,INPUT); pinMode(dtPin,...
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How to read RPS for fast rotation with status change method in Arduino?

I'm trying to calculate the coming RPS from rotary encoder. I am trying to get it by checking the status with digitalRead. However, I can not get more than 6 RPS. Any solution? I will be obliged for ...
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Is PulseIn fast enough for Quadcopter?

I've been trying to use interrupts to control a quadrotor with a tx/rx to no success. I'm using an arduino mega as my control board. I have successfully read a singe channel using attach interrupt and ...
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Why doesn't this work on a Mega2560 although it works on an Arduino Uno

So, This is your code slightly altered. I am using it to read the readings of the roll and pitch of a quadcopter. I have tried using this code for a mega 2560 but it does not work in ports A0 and A1. ...
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How can I alter my program to read PWM signals from Arduino Mega?

I am new to programming and Arduinos but I've decided to give a go for a project. I'm after a code that will read PWM signals from a RC receiver (Specifically aileron and throttle) and output this as ...
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other interrupts in rc channel reader

I have the sketch from James Waldby (Read RC receiver channels using Interrupt instead of PulseIn) working beautifully. I want to use a switch on my TX to start and stop a sequence of lights (...
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