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Time.h rollover after 49.7 days [duplicate]

I'm developing a arduino based system, which includes a alarm system. Searching on the Internet, I found these lybraries "Time.h" and "TimeAlarms.h". In the requirements, it says: "Time does not ...
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run a function for a certain amount of time! [duplicate]

i'm working on a project where i need to run a function for 20 minutes and the function writes to memory using EEPROM every minute. How can i make the function run for 20 minutes, i was thinking of ...
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Arduino based hour counter [duplicate]

I would like to make a hour counter for a particular machine.I have a problem in coding.arduino internal clock can work only till 49 hour counter should calculate 150+ hours.I thought of using ...
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Millis() based timer program for 24x7 usage in Arduino [duplicate]

I have made an irrigation system using Arduino. Timer program is based on comparing the previous Millis() and current Millis(). I want to know the chance for error when the currentMillis() overflows ...
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What happens if Millis() method variable goes out of it's capacity? [duplicate]

I am now working on a project which is expected to last at least 5 years from the time it is completed. In that project, i can not use delay() for some purposes so I am using millis() method unsigned ...
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How to get current time and date in arduino without external source?

I'm working on a project using Arduino Uno and SD card shield. I'd like to store a variable at a specific time everyday in the SD card. How can I get the current time in Arduino ? Any help would be ...
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Is there any better choice other than using delay() for a 6-hours delay?

I am designing an incubator system and I need to drive a motor forward and reverse every 6 hours. Is there any better choice other than using delay()? A 6-hours delay seems a little unprofessional.
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Resetting millis() and micros()

I want to know how much time has elapsed since a certain event, and I do not want to use any external timers. It seems logical to reset an internal timer whenever the event occurs (using an interrupt)....
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The exact time for functions or CPU cycles for any function

I'm trying to read input data from the parallel port of a PC and send it to another device. For this purpose the input data is saved, when it's available and is sent if a flag is set. The whole ...
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Controlling 3 stepper motors simultaneously

I have three stepper motors connected to the drv8825 drivers to an arduino uno. I am using the example code below (from here), which works fine for moving multiple stepper motors at the same time BUT ...
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Running multiple tasks at once

For a school project we're working on a wearable device to track people's movement and heart rate. We use an Arduino Pro Mini with a heartbeat sensor and an accelerometer. The wearable device uses ...
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How can I made my Arduino follow the time exactly?

I am making an Arduino clock. You can set time to it, and then it keeps on going. The problem is that it is always within a minute off. It is not a major issue, but one that I would like to fix. I use ...
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Accelstepper.runToPosition() is working fine. does nothing

I have a complex sketch with Arduino Uno, Bluetooth Serial Com using altSoftSerial, serial com using SoftwareSerial and Serial communication with PC. I want to move one stepper motor and stop it when ...
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Time delay without using delay() and millis()

I am designing an industrial control panel using arduino. I have to use time delays as long as 10 seconds and since using delay() makes a halt in the controller I tried using millis(). But it is ...
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Running quartz clock off an arduino

I am trying to run a clock off of an arduino following this site: and I tried to combine it with this to get it to ...
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