I am building a HID (mouse) using Arduino Micro. I want the mouse to communicate with the PC wirelessly. I am wondering which Bluetooth module works for me either HC-05,06 or any other?

  • the question is not opinion based. please share as an answer your experience with a module for BLE HID with an AVR based MCU.
    – Juraj
    May 8 at 9:03
  • It would be difficult to beat the price of a COTS Bluetooth mouse. If that's not your goal, then, perhaps, your next step might be to search if an HC-05 can support the HID protocol. Or, if that's not possible, if the Atmel Mega can. I might be wrong, but I think that would be the tricky bit in your project.
    – st2000
    May 8 at 12:52

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The HC-05 should certainly allow you to communicate with an Arduino Micro via the provided hardware serial port (Tx/Rx pins). Here's a link to my blog post about doing this with an Arduino Uno (should be the same except possibly pin # differences).

  • 1
    Whilst this may theoretically answer the question, it would be preferable to include the essential parts of the answer here, and provide the link for reference.
    – Juraj
    May 15 at 5:31
  • Isn't that what links are for - to lessen the requirement to repeat stuff, or summarize it in a way that leaves out important details?
    – starship15
    May 15 at 17:45
  • 1
    I think the linked post answers that
    – Juraj
    May 15 at 17:51

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