I am installing numerous Adafruit Feathers around my house and property that perform various monitoring and other tasks for me. Uninstalling them and connecting them to my computer for updates would be inconvenient in the extreme so I am looking for a way to do over-the-air (OTA) updates.

Well actually, this will be over-the-wire (OTW?) as all of these Feathers have the Silicognition Ethernet with Power over Ethernet FeatherWing (great gadget, that).

A couple hours of searching has yielded very little information regarding doing this. I found one library that looked promising at first (https://github.com/JAndrassy/ArduinoOTA), but it explicitly states it is not to be used with PlatformIO which is what I use for all of my uController work.

Links to relevant articles and/or libraries would be most appreciated. TIA

  • It states it's not tested and most of the documentation doesn't apply. This doesn't mean "not to be used"
    – KIIV
    Apr 21 at 18:18


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