I just got my Arduino UNO and I'm trying to upload the blink example but the upload fails with

ioctl("TIOCMSET"): Broken pipe
ioctl("TIOCMSET"): Broken pipe
avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
ioctl("TIOCMSET"): Broken pipe

I have tried both Arduino IDE 1.0.1 (which I installed via my package manager) as well as version 1.0.5 which I downloaded from the arduino.cc website. I'm running Ubuntu Linux 12.10 if that makes a difference.

I'd appreciate any and all help in getting my arduino up and running!

  • Are your drivers installed correctly? Did you double check the COM port? A quick Google search didn't return any results... – Anonymous Penguin Mar 27 '14 at 20:32
  • I got it working by switching USB port. I didn't even realize there is a green led that's on when the arduino is connected. So yes, I'm new to this! – Jonas Mar 28 '14 at 4:10

As with any communication error, try these:

  • Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable.
  • Use a different USB cable.
  • Press the reset button on the board.
  • Restart the Arduino IDE.
  • Make sure you select the right board in Tools ► Board ►, e.g. If you are using the Duemilanove 328, select that instead of Duemilanove 128. The board should say what version it is on the microchip.
  • Make sure you selected the right port in Tools ► Serial Port ►. One way to figure out which port it is on is by following these steps:
    1. Disconnect the USB cable.
    2. Go to Tools ► Serial Port ► and see which ports are listed (e.g. COM4 COM5 COM14).
    3. Reconnect the USB cable.
    4. Go back to Tools ► Serial Port ►, and see which port appeared that wasn't there before.
  • In extreme cases, you may need to burn the bootloader.

Answer adapted from here.

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  • The first point fixed this problem for me: Disconnect & reconnect (in a different port) the USB cable. – Jonas Mar 29 '14 at 4:11

It sounds like you have incorrect drivers or the wrong COM port (USB) selected in the IDE

Both are easy to fix. I'd imagine that it would be the COM port.


To do this:

Tools → Serial Port → [COM port... try a few different ones. Also you can use device manager to see which one disappears when you unplug your Arduino]

Few notes on photo:

#1. The selector for the COM port. Choose which one your board is on.

#2. That shows the COM port selected and board. I don't have my UNO connected: ignore that the COM port isn't showing up on the menu.

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