How does an AVR-based Arduino's CPU performance compare to a vintage PC (Apple II, PC-XT, TRS-80, et.al.)?

How many megaflops of number crunching can one get out of an AVR-based Arduino?


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OK, so I just ran some really old benchmarks on a LightBlue Bean (AVR 328p Arduino at 16 MHz). The Bean ran the Byte Sieve benchmark slightly slower than a VAX 11/780. The Bean also ran some of my old floating point computations about 2X faster than the 11/750 (this VAX model has no FPU to be fair to the AVR). That puts the Bean's math performance at somewhere around 70 kFLOPs (with few divides in the mix). A DEC VAX is several times faster than vintage 8-bit personal computers, an IBM PC-XT being roughly 1/3 to 1/2 a VAX "MIP" in benchmark performance, with an Apple II being slower still.

  • An 11/780??!? Those were the days :) Apr 22, 2015 at 3:49

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