As I understand it, the Arduino comes with a TFT library which uses SPI to drive LCD TFTs. I recently bought a TFT labelled "HY-32.TFT" on the front and "HY-TFT320_262k heyaodz111211" on the back.

It uses an XPT2046 touch screen controller, but I'm more interested in just getting something on the screen currently.

To use the Arduino library, I need to connect pins:

  • SCLK
  • MOSI
  • CS
  • DC

But I can't see these apart from some similarly named ones associated with TP (touchpad?) and SD (sd card), as the photo shows:

back front

Is it possible to drive this with my Arduino? If so, how?

UPDATE: It looks like the datasheet for the controller and the board can be downloaded from 3.0" 3" TFT LCD Module Display + Touch Panel + PCB adapter.


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From what I'm seeing, the touch screen and card reader use SPI but the LCD uses a bunch of Digital I/O lines. The link in Gerben's comment includes a library for the LCD that might be what you're looking for. I hope you're using a ATMega board as it doesn't look like an Uno or similar board will have enough I/O for the LCD.


If you search for "arduino lcd tft shield" on ebay you should if a few shields for your kind of lcd. But all of them require an Arduino MEGA (or DUE). You could also use some kind of a shift register to drive this lcd with an Arduino UNO (or other small boards).

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