I have an MKR WiFi 1010 and an MKR GPS Shield. When I connect my GPS Shield using the I2C cable, it works fine.

This works perfectly (the bottom is the MKR Motor Carrier):

enter image description here

However, when I use it as a shield (hat?) using the pins, it doesn't.

This doesn't work. The code blocks somewhere (I suspect GPS.available()):

enter image description here

My question, should it work the same whether it is cabled or put on with the pins? Or should I change my code somehow?

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From the shop page:

It interfaces with Arduino boards either through a serial interface, when used with headers and put on top of a MKR board, or through an I2C interface and a dedicated ESLOV cable supplied as bundle.

From Arduino_MKRGPS library reference:

begin() Parameters:

  • GPS_MODE_I2C to use the MKR GPS with the I2C cable (default setting),
  • GPS_MODE_SHIELD if using the MKR GPS as a shield.

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