I am using ESP8266 module with Arduino Uno.I don't know how to get the signal strength of the network with which ESP8266 is connected.Please help..


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The page http://tomeko.net/other/ESP8266/ names the following command:

AT+CWLAP // list available access points

According to the example given there, this returns a list of items looking like this:


where "APs are sorted by channel and values are: (security, "name", signal strength, MAC, channel) where for security: 0 = open, 1 = WEP, 3 = WPA, 4 = WPA2".

Thus you can use AT+CWJAP? to obtain the name of the network you're connected to and get the signal strength from the respective item in the list provided by AT+CWLAP.

See http://wiki.iteadstudio.com/ESP8266_Serial_WIFI_Module for a reference of commands.

  • The security is wrong. Correct are (according to the documentation 0.2 from March 20, 2015): 0 = open, 1 = WEP, 2 = WPA_PSK, 3 = WPA2_PSK, 4 = WPA_WPA2_PSK.
    – Thomas S.
    Sep 19, 2015 at 19:36

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