I have been using my ESP32 for 4 months now. Recently, it just won't work - It won't even blink an LED with the blink program.


  1. My esp has only 1 onboard LED.
  2. The onboard LED does not blink again since this started
  3. Computer detects ESP when i conect it to PC
  4. I could flash the ESP as I fo not get any error from the Arduino IDE while uploading code.
  5. The boot and reset button are not helping.

My ESP32

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    computer detects the USB chip, not the esp
    – Juraj
    Sep 22 at 7:49
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    Have you inadvertently changed the pin number that Arduino uses to address the built-in LED? Wrong board definition? Does the ESP32 produce any output on the Serial Monitor?
    – StarCat
    Sep 22 at 11:33
  • Usually, GPIO2 is connected to the onboard LED, although that may differ on your board. Did you choose the right pin in the blink code example? Or did you connect any external peripherals to GPIO2 that pull that pin up or down? It may be that your LED pin is fried, did it get 5V signal at some point? Or the whole ESP32 (except the USB chip) is fried... you could test that by connecting an external LED to any GPIO and alter the blink example to use that pin. Also, add some Serial.print calls to the blink example to see if serial output works (if it does, the ESP itself is fine).
    – orithena
    Sep 22 at 11:33
  • Seems my ESP itself is fried. Sep 22 at 12:18
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    A very big thank you to everyone who has shared their knowledge. I really appreciate. Sep 22 at 12:19


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