I am using an external counter (LS7366) on my Arduino Nano and I am struggling to understand how to use it properly.

I have found a library for the counter on github: https://github.com/davidjabon/LS7366.

The way I want to use the counter is really straightforward: I want to count the number of pulses at its input and at a certain value I would like the counter to emit an interrupt.

I have read the datasheet but it is still unclear how to use the counter.

Could someone briefly tell me on what ports of my Arduino the pins of the LS7366 should be connected and what values the ouputs of the Arduino should have in order to allow the LS7366 to work?

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    what datasheet? ... which part did you not understand? ... not really an Arduino specific question
    – jsotola
    Aug 5 at 15:58


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