I use a homemade board that hosts a PIC16F1829 and an ATmega328P on the same board. We use the ATmega328P with the Arduino IDE and the PIC with the MPLABX IDE for about 100 EE students a semester at UTSA. I have 100 pic chips but no ATmega328P chips, I can re-spin the board and adapt it to the ATmega8-U2, since right now I can by 250 ATmega8-U2 chips that are in stock but there are no ATmega328P chips available anywhere and I need 100 at least. I am currently using a different UART to TTL adapter, the CP2102 to connect the ATmega328P to the Arduino IDE. I have the 2 chips talk via a shared I2C line. How difficult will it be to use the Arduino IDE with the ATmega8-U2? (Again, not as the UART to USB interface but as the main processor. Thanks,

  • ATMega8 can be supported and used as an Arduino, all you need is to add the MCUDude's MiniCore to the IDE instead of using the default Arduino S.A.'s arduinocore-avr.
    – hcheung
    Commented Jun 24, 2022 at 7:07

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I never tried, but it seems to me it should work without issues.

In the Arduino IDE, Menu Tools → Board, you can select “Arduino NG or older”. You then have a menu Tools → Processor where you can select either “ATmega168” or “ATmega8”. These options don't require you to install any extra board support package: they come with the default “classic” AVR core, which does support the ATmega8.

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