i am creating a flashlight that when wo walk into a room it changes the color. i am planning on having three Arduino unos communicating via RF. there is one in the flashlight and one in the base station with two base stations in separate rooms. i need a way to coordinate all the Arduinos so that when one is within a distance of 5 feet it sends a command over RF. does anyone know how i can do this?

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    Unconfined distance measurement is difficult. Most ways are rather inaccurate. Things you could try: BLE while using signal strength as distance measurement (like most covid apps do), IR diode + IR LED (imposing a threshold for the reflection), RFID scanner and tag, which can be sensed further away than the typical few cm.
    – chrisl
    Jun 17 at 17:06
  • Maybe your post is better suited for a discussion on the project guidance section of the Arduino forum. Here we cannot have a discussion and your question doesn't have a single correct answer. There are many ways to achieve something like that.
    – chrisl
    Jun 17 at 17:07
  • Infrared has the advantage that it doesn't go through walls, so you could have an IR beacon in every room lighting up the room with some "room identifier" waveform, and you'd only be able to see it if you were actually in that room.
    – user253751
    Jun 21 at 10:50


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