I am using esp32 CAM by Arduino IDE and send an image file by ftp using SIM800l GSM/GPRS module to a server and every thing is ok .
I can perform http request also and read some data from a website and every thing is ok.

Problem is ftp for large file and http request can not work at the same time . if I send AT+HTTPINIT after AT+FTPEXTPUT=1 , it fails or if I send AT+FTPEXTPUT=1 after AT+HTTPINIT again it fails .

I close http connection by AT+SAPBR=0,1 but problem exist

How to solve this problem? How is possible to clear the setting done in the the sim800l without restarting the module by AT+CFUN=1,1 ?

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I found the way to solve the problem .
Http request must be terminated with command AT+HTTPTERM . After this command large ftp works and command AT+FTPEXTPUT=1 is without error . After termination of ftp if we want to do http request again the command AT+FTPEXTPUT=0 must be executed

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