I am trying to convert the following code to output to pin 7 (PH4, OC4B) on an Arduino Mega. The code outputs to pin 6. This code is from a GitHub for the GRBL on the Mega "https://github.com/fra589/grbl-Mega-5X" out of the cpu_map.h It is clear that PH6 and PH7 are on the same PORTH but I just do not know what bits need changing to get GRBL to output on pin 7.Any help would be welcome.

#elif defined (SPINDLE_PWM_ON_D6)

    // Set Timer up to use TIMER4C which is attached to Digital Pin 6 - Ramps Servo 2
    #define SPINDLE_PWM_MAX_VALUE     255.0 // Translates to about 1.9 kHz PWM frequency at 1/8 prescaler
      #define SPINDLE_PWM_MIN_VALUE   1   // Must be greater than zero.
    #define SPINDLE_PWM_OFF_VALUE     0

    //Control Digital Pin 6 which is Servo 2 signal pin on Ramps 1.4 board
    #define SPINDLE_COMB_BIT          COM4A1

    // 1/8 Prescaler, 16-bit Fast PWM mode
    #define SPINDLE_TCCRA_INIT_MASK (1<<WGM41)
    #define SPINDLE_TCCRB_INIT_MASK ((1<<WGM42) | (1<<WGM43) | (1<<CS41))
    #define SPINDLE_OCRA_REGISTER   ICR4 // 8-bit Fast PWM mode requires top reset value stored here.
    #define SPINDLE_OCRA_TOP_VALUE  0xFF // PWM counter reset value. Should be the same as PWM_MAX_VALUE in hex.

    // Define spindle output pins.
    #define SPINDLE_PWM_DDR   DDRH
    #define SPINDLE_PWM_BIT   3 // MEGA2560 Digital Pin 6

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You want to replace pin 6 (PH3, OC4A) with pin 7 (PH4, OC4B). There are three things you have to change. First, the output compare register, which is OCR4A for pin OC4A and OCR4B for pin OC4B. Thus:


Then, the configuration bit that enables the output:

-#define SPINDLE_COMB_BIT          COM4A1
+#define SPINDLE_COMB_BIT          COM4B1

Last, the bit to set in the data direction register, which is 3 for PH3 and 4 for PH4:

-#define SPINDLE_PWM_BIT   3 // MEGA2560 Digital Pin 6
+#define SPINDLE_PWM_BIT   4 // MEGA2560 Digital Pin 7

Note: as in diff -u format, the prefix - means “remove this”, the prefix + means “add this”.

  • Thanks for the help. I spent hours trying to figure out the datasheet.
    – Mr.Spriggs
    Commented Jan 10, 2022 at 6:16

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