Is there some code or library that would allow me to scan for nearby Bluetooth devices using a common ESP32 board ? I only found similar code for actual Arduino boards.

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    a web search reveals some
    – jsotola
    Commented Nov 20, 2021 at 23:26
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    Well.. now this question is answer #4 in a web search and 2 of the answers above are for BLE only and the other one leads to another unanswered question. It is not that easy to find good example because the Arduino-ESP32 framework added advanced Bluetooth support just recently - and its not that easy to use the receent versions.
    – IanH
    Commented Jan 31, 2022 at 20:40
  • @IanH Almost two years later, there is an actual solution to this. See gbafamily's answer below. Commented Nov 1, 2023 at 16:54

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The ESP32 Arduino boards support package includes libraries for ESP32 Bluetooth and BLE. Both libraries have examples which you can find in Arduino IDE Examples menu.

  • I looked trough the examples but I didn't see one that lists nearby devices, just various example on how to pair with specific device.
    – adrianTNT
    Commented Feb 2, 2022 at 0:04

https://github.com/esp32beans/ESP32-BT-exp is a Bluetooth Dual Mode (classic and BLE) scanner. ESP32-BT-exp works on the original ESP32. No other ESP32 supports BT classic mode.

  • Worked as promised! How unfortunate that it is *only * ESP32, and not ESP32S2/S3 or ESP32C2/C3. (Cue rant on Espressif's naming conventions...) Commented Nov 1, 2023 at 16:53

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