I am using Arduino to remotely trigger a shutter action. All is well, until I hook up a USB cable on the 4 regular USB pins. This cable runs between a Sony camera and a printer. But I can not take an image when the D+ and D- are connected.

At this moment I have a manual switch in the usb cable. It works, but I would rather have Arduino kill the line, take the image and restore the line.

I understand I can use a relay, but is there another way?

Is a TRIAC an option? How would I need to hook up the components.

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    triac? that is for AC. I am not an expert., but you don't want any interference on the data lines so the control circuit mut be isolated from the data lines. so a relay I guess is the only good way.
    – Juraj
    Oct 19 at 12:29
  • It this USB connection you're talking about doing something like PictBridge?
    – timemage
    Oct 20 at 13:27
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    I would say this is better suited for electrical stackexchange. It is more about the electrical part of the USB interface and not about Arduino. I think there you will get better answers.
    – chrisl
    Oct 20 at 20:57
  • I thought of the triac because of it's use in a solid state relay. USB data lines are bi-directional, that's why I thought about TRIACS. My safest bett will be a 2 channel relay I guess.
    – André
    Oct 21 at 17:12

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