I came across a dev board around the Atmel Xmega controller. This an AVR like used on Arduino, but with a lot of extras.

enter image description here

I was surprised to see that the board is hardly more expensive than an Arduino, despite:

  • 384kB of Flash (versus 32kB for Arduino)
  • DMA
  • Xmega can run at 32 MHz (16 MHz for Arduino)
  • on-board OLED display
  • on-board light and temperature sensors
  • on-board microSD socket

For all these on-board features you'd need a shield or breakout board for Arduino. I seems to me that for a lower price than Arduino you could build a much more powerful system, which is Arduino-compatible.
How hard would it be to port Arduino to the Xmega?

see also http://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-71436


There's an attempt to get the Atmel XMEGA boards working in Arduino IDE.


It's not fully featured yet but appears to have to features to allow you to start hacking with this board.

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