I am trying to send AT commands to the modem to keep the modem always active. I tried the File > Examples > MKRNB > Tools > SerialSarapassThrough example, but that gave me a +CME ERROR: operation not supported. Here is the output for the commands I sent via serial monitor:

+CME ERROR: operation not supported

Is there a built in code or any other code which I could use to send that command?

  • I'm not familiar with that modem, but if the firmware tells you, that is doesn't support that command, then it doesn't support it. Are you sure, that the modem is capable of what you want?
    – chrisl
    Sep 23 at 19:53
  • yes i am sure, I read the documentation of the modem and it specifies that sending commands will set it up according to my requirement
    – Dave
    Sep 24 at 16:01
  • Please link to that part of the documentation
    – chrisl
    Sep 24 at 16:29
  • The command is : AT+UPSV=0
    – Dave
    Sep 24 at 19:10

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