1. I am using SIM808 module. It's working fine with normal MQTT over TCP. But it's not working while implementing secured MQTT.

  2. I am sending this command (AT+SSLSETROOT="C:\USER\HENRY_SSL.CRT") for set the root certificate(referred this document "SIM800 Series_MQTT_Application Note_V1.03"), the response I'm getting from gsm "+CME ERROR: unknown".

  3. If I'm using this command (AT+SMSSL=1), same error I'm getting. I checked with HTTP commands it's working fine, But AT+HTTPSSL=1 command not working. The sim808 not responding SSL related commands.

But as per the simcom website sim808 supports SSL. Is I need to upgrade any firmware?

  • could you send me that firmware version (1418B05SIM808M32)? or could you tell me the site that you download it? Also, is there any newer firmware now?
    – prsbsvrn
    Nov 29 at 12:37

I updated the firmware version: 1418B05SIM808M32. Now all commands are working fine.

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