I can't make function the NEO-6M-0-001 GPS module, this is the third one that already bought! I'm using an ATmega2560 as microcontroller for obtaining the data from the module and seems that the module never initializes.

I bought an USB-UART converter for checking if there is something that I did wrong (soldering, bad wiring, burned circuit, etc.). I connected the the module to the converter, opened the serial monitor to see what is happening and this is what I found:


Seems that the data is missing, or I have to some how initialize the module. This is happening with the three modules. In the picture you can see the antenna that I'm using, I'm outdoors testing it. By the way, its true that without antenna the gps could be damaged?

enter image description here

I really appreciate if someone could help, thank you.

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    Are you indoors? Do you have a suitable antenna attached? It can take a long time to connect to the satellites, so you need to be patient.
    – Majenko
    Sep 1 at 12:50
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    I went outdoors, I'm attaching a picture of the antenna. Its true that I did'n wait so much. Sep 1 at 12:53
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    This is pretty much what Majenko is saying, but just to be more explicit: Empty fields are normal for not having acquired a fix.
    – timemage
    Sep 1 at 12:54
  • @timemage I went outside and I'm getting nothing, the quantity of satellites changes from 1 to 10 without getting a fix. Maybe something wrong at hardware level? Sep 1 at 13:40
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    to reiterate what's already been said, you need good visibility of the sky to get a strong signal and it can take a long time to get a fix especially with a weak signal
    – Bra1n
    Sep 1 at 16:04

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