I just migrated to a new computer running on an M1 CPU (the new Apple Silicon, arm64 based). I've been searching for CH34x drivers for my TTGO-Lora32 board, but can't find any around, nor can I find mentions of them existing or not. The x86_64 driver installs, but obviously can't run due to it being an incompatible architecture.

Thus, is it currently possible to use a CH34x based board on an M1 Mac?

  • Turns out there is such driver, but it hasn't been listed yet on the WCH website. I've posted it down below in a new answer.
    – finitud
    Aug 31 '21 at 12:55

As it turns out, I found in the following post:


a link to a particular build of the CH340 drivers that is properly signed and can be installed on the M1 mac with no troubles.

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    Nice find. Now if only it were listed officially on the CH340 website so people could actually find it. Maybe now it's here it may get more attention from GoogleBot...
    – Majenko
    Aug 31 '21 at 13:18

So they pushed a new version to GitHub late september:


This should be the maintained version ahead of what they offer as a download on the official website.

Common other issues:

  • When reinstalling, make sure to first remove all old files:
sudo rm –rf /var/db/receipts/*CH34xVCPDriver*.*
sudo rm -rf /Library/Extensions/CH34xVCPDriver.kext

also don't forget to check for any related files in /dev/ and the .app file in your applications folder if these already exist.

  • Restart the device before reinstalling.

  • Restart the device after installation.

  • Try a different USB-Cable / USB-Hub.

Note: steps listed here were reportedly solutions I came across during my research which worked for other people and my colleagues. For me it still doesn't work; but I am using a lot of unstable builds for my OS and other software that might interfere.

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