im planning on using an around 17M adressable led strip controlled by arduino, and plan on putting it in car, so i would be stepping down the 12/14V to 5V, basically i need to know how many amps and converter/options reccomendations also would the let strip colours fade if i split it to two so lets say two 8meter strips and only put power on start of the chain of strips or do i need to run a second wire to connect somewhere in half ?

  • 17 meters is a lot to control by a single Arduino! How many LEDs in total is this about? If you take a standard LED strip 120 at LEDs per meter, you will have to supply (at maximum brightness) 17 * 120 * 0,06A = 120A(!). This will not be easy. Also: We're talking about 2040 LEDs which you will probably have difficulty to control with a single Arduino at a decent refresh rate. As for power, I would recommend you supply power every meter. 120A is a LOT. There are 12V strips out there that need much less current (and can possibly be fed directly from your car battery).
    – StarCat
    Jun 27 '21 at 6:27
  • Keep memory in mind as well; each LED takes up RAM. Jun 27 '21 at 12:44

As StarCat said in a comment on your question, you are going to potentially have to supply 100 amps to the string! This would be a massive sized cable, to say nothing of the problem of finding 100 amps from your 12V battery.

You may have to size down your expectations a bit, or maybe use a LED strip that doesn't require as much as that. Your question doesn't mention any particular strip so it is hard to be specific.

Strips like the Neopixels will tend to have colours fade towards the end as the voltage drop over the string increases. They are not designed to supply tens of amps from one part of the string to the next.

You could certainly supply the power required at each end, and possibly in the middle as well, to decrease the number of amps that have to go from one end of the string to the other.

Strings like Neopixels "refresh" the data as it goes from one LED to the next, so the data part itself isn't the problem so much.

  • my led strip is ws2813 if i remember correctly, i would basically be using mimic patterns so only 1 lenght is animated so that would be 8 meters whats still huge so i might switch to uno or mega, but say if i would not blast full brightness and not use white i can potentially reduce the amperage draw, wanted to ask here since i tried only with 5meters and it was drawing 3 amps with my settings, so as im seeing i would even then need a beefy DC DC converter with atleast 20amps so i might rather switch to 12v strip like everyone, was just having this project in mind since noone used adressable Jun 27 '21 at 13:27

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